About us

For nearly three decades, Mawshour architects & consultants has been called upon to create dozens of various designs in Jordan and the region, each of which has been conceived to greet their contexts with grace and usher their residents into a brighter future.
Mawshour is based in Amman, Jordan; founded in 1989, and had since expanded to range in projects from residential villas to large commercial and governmental buildings.
It has always been Mawshour's aim to create a brand of architecture that reflect the values of our vast and valuable Islamic heritage, adapting a new look to project the contemporary space elements, Such are buildings that encourage contemplation, inspire creativity, give pleasure, and infuse both visitors and occupants with a sense of event.
The best architecture is achieved through a process of intensive ongoing dialogue, collaboration, information analysis, editing and application of instinct and insight. Mawshour architects & consultants energetically collaborates with the client and consultants and arrives at appropriate solutions and results which are aesthetically pleasing, pragmatically efficient works of architectural excellence.